Frequently Asked

What are the advantages of Grass Fence Coating?

The biggest advantage of lawn fence is that it has a beautiful and natural appearance. The pricing of this fence is also directly proportional to its appearance and quality. You can have a natural look at your house at affordable prices.

What is Grass Fence Features?

Grass fences like water, cold and hot water. It is practical, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and aesthetic. It is the product of a long lasting creative work. It can be installed by the user or the installation team with the same ease. You determine the size and it is produced only for you.

What is Grass Fence?

Grass fences; They are not plastic, carpet, boxwood, leaf fence products, they are produced from special PVC reinforced against sun rays. Galvanize is made from dense wires that have undergone many processes. The grass fence is not flammable. While offering a more aesthetic appearance besides the density, grass fence is used especially in areas where security needs are felt more. Lawn fences are four seasons green products that prevent unwanted images. It is made in Turkey.

How to Understand Grass Fence Quality?

The quality of lawn fence is taken from the materials from which it is produced. The grass fence types produced in our company are made of PVC materials that are resistant to sun rays. In this way, it can be produced outdoors, to be exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, its quality can be understood by its color fading. Made of durable and quality materials, the colors of lawn fences do not fade over time.

What is Grass Fence Usage Areas?

General usage areas:

* On garden walls,
* On the wall,
* On balconies,
* On the terraces,
* In concrete areas,
* Wire mesh surface sections,
* It is used in carpet fields.

Apart from these areas of use, it can be used in many different areas.

How Will Grass Fence Reach Me?

As soon as you pay for the products you order, if you are in Istanbul, you will be delivered to you as soon as possible with contracted Cargo and Warehouses within the same day if you are not suitable for our services.

Can I buy as much grass fence as I want?

We sell our products in square meters and we make special cuts for you based on the width of our products according to your request. As Emre Tel Çit, we offer direct product sales and installation services from the factory.

Grass Fence Price Per Square Meter

Emre Tel Fence, which manufactures products in its own factory, will offer you the best prices. You can call our number on the website of our company for grass fence products and benefit from reasonable prices.

Would there be grass fence in different colors?

Our grass fence productions can be done in many different colors. You can reach our company from the numbers on the contact page to get information about our color varieties.

Can you send materials abroad?

Yeah. Our company manufactures grass fences in accordance with international standards and can send the products to any country you wish. For detailed information, you can reach our company via our contact page.

Do You Practice Outside Istanbul?

Depending on the amount of work to be done, the application is done all over Turkey. For detailed information, you can reach our company from the contact page.

Is it possible to manufacture in special sizes?

For some projects, special production can be made in accordance with the specifications. The ability to make custom production depends on the amount of work. You can reach us via our numbers on our website for your special size and production demands.

Can we only buy material in grass fences?

Of course yes. We can also apply the products we sell to our customers with our own team. However, if requested, you can obtain grass fence products from us. It will be more economical for you to make the application by your own means by purchasing materials, especially if the work to be done outside the city.

How is Pricing Determined?

The prices depend on where (in the region) the job, its quantity, the terrain conditions (slope, flat, bumpy, rocky, forest, etc.), the characteristics of the fence to be applied (wire thickness, eye spacing, height, etc.) and whether there is electricity. Therefore, the price given for each job is different. The information you provide is important for getting a healthy price. Before taking a price, it is necessary to determine how many meters of work to be done by measuring on the spot.

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