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Çim-Em Fence Systems, as a brand of Emre Tel Fence, manufactures in its own factory. Our company, which has been operating in the wire and fence sector for many years and has numerous references, has started to produce ÇİM FENCE and delivers quality products that it produces to various provinces of our country. It can also ship its products to any country in the world.

As Emre Wire Fence Systems, comprehensive and Turkey have signed many successful projects in general. We have adopted the principle of keeping the quality of work / workmanship and customer satisfaction at the highest level since we were established as Emre Tel Fence Systems by taking a respectable place in the sector. Our aim is to raise the bar higher in the sector, to sign more projects and most importantly, to offer the most suitable project and quality product to our customers. Our company has further accelerated its efforts in the name of institutionalization, has determined many changes and strategies at the same time and implemented it.

Emre Tel Fence Systems continues to serve you, our valued customers. New companies and names are added to our references day by day. Many corporate firms have preferred our company for many years as they are satisfied with our company and service quality in terms of materials, workmanship and duration.

Informing the customer is one of the most important issues in our company. The reason for this is that we want the customer to know what he is spending and to be satisfied with the work and the material. Providing quality service for us comes before making money.

Our company, which is the pioneer of the sector in Environmental Safety, closely follows the sectoral developments in the world and manufactures at international quality standards. Our company, which manufactures wire in different sizes, sizes and thicknesses that are required by different sectors all over our country, carries out complete wire-fence applications with its experienced teams including materials and assembly.

Emre Tel Çit Since 2006, with our knowledge, trust, continuity, quality and fast service understanding in the Wire Fence knitting industry, we have been producing in line with the quality and standards in our sector, with our experienced team, to meet the expectations of our customers. Considering the safety of our customers and the robustness of our products, which are prioritized according to Emre Tel Fence production philosophy, we produce with the experience of 15 years.

Quality Production: It is our priorities in the production process that all materials ed during the production stage are within the standards, and each material, from the ion of raw materials to dye chemicals, has a superior quality in terms of safety and durability.

Aesthetics and Functionality: Aesthetic appearance and functionality is prioritized for Emre wire fence and assembled by the expert team for the continuation of these qualities. By sharing our knowledge and experience with you in this regard, it is to do our job in the most workable way.

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